Our Story

“In a world where everything is fast-paced and going digital, the windows of opportunity close as rapidly as they appear.
That is why, in March 2017 when everything fell into just the right place, I ventured out on my own and started ZebraCrossing.World”
– Eve Berriman BCom (Hon) Marketing

What is ZebraCrossing.world all about?

ZebraCrossing.world was born out of the passion to deliver exceptional marketing that suits all budgets. In this tough economic climate, not only in South Africa but worldwide, businesses are faced with the issue of having to market their offerings but without the skills and knowledge in doing so, they are faced with having to pay heavily for the experts to come in. At ZebraCrossing, our personal yet practical approach means that we can create a solution for any business to suit any budget.

The company is run and managed by 2 young and passionate entrepreneurs, Nkululeko Dladla and Eve Berriman.

A Passion for Strategy and Marketing

Nkululeko Dladla and Eve Berriman are two young passionate entrepreneurs who are creating a disruptive shift in the marketing sphere at ZebraCrossing.world.

Eve Berriman

In a world where everything is fast-paced and going digital, the windows of opportunity close as rapidly as they appear. That is why, in March 2017 when everything fell into just the right place, I ventured out on my own and started ZebraCrossing.World

Who am I?

Well, first and foremost an entrepreneur with a heart and mind that is excited by good marketing. From a very young age I was fascinated by brands, jingles and design. I would memorise the slogans, as they were once called, and get a sense of extra enjoyment out of using or dealing with brands whose marketing I have seen and liked.

I hold an honours degree in Marketing and a number of online diplomas that I keep building up and adding to my resume, because I love it.

Nkululeko, or “Dladla” as many of his clients know him, was born in Estcourt, Kwa Zulu Natal. His family moved up to Johannesburg, as so many do, to find gold. He completed his schooling at Athlone Boys’ High School.

Dladla then began his studies, pursuing a BA Degree in Political Studies and International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand.  After graduating he joined Nandos South Africa in the Human Resource department where he worked as a Graduate Intern focusing on training and development. During his time at Nandos, Dladla realised the need for efficiency and purpose-built operating procedures in the workplace and how those guarantee good production and results. It was at that moment that his love for business administration and operating procedures was born.

Dladla furthered his studies and completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration with the Wits Business School. These experiences ignited his passion further for the efficient and well-functioning business processes that add value to a business. He is currently doing his Masters in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation.

Dladla believes, “Everyone can start a business, but very few know how to keep a business functioning and the intricacies that are involved. The sustainability and agility of any business is a huge passion for Dladla and the success thereof is one that attracts him to this passion.

Now, in the first quarter of 2019, ZebraCrossing.world and Dladla Works Consulting have joined hands in a partnership, bringing together business strategy skills as well as marketing and advertising knowledge and experience, to create a full house agency with end-to-end strategy and marketing services.

The reason behind the partnership is driven by the need to provide clients with a tailored service offering that is fit for purpose and provides tangible results. Combining sound operations, strategic guidance with a tailored marketing plan to ensure that all clients receive a bespoke service every time.

Who is ZebraCrossing.World

The above is just a small portion of what ZebraCrossing.World is about. As in any industry, the best work is only accomplished when a number of talented people come together and work as a team. At ZebraCrossing.World our teams are made up of professionals who have each got years of experience behind their name as well as a passion to learn more and grow on an ongoing basis.

Our app development team is a full team of professionals, each with over 15 years in the business, specialising in mobile, web and systems development.

Our designers cover the full spectrum of digital as well as above the line design.
Briefing a simple brochure will receive as much care as briefing in a request for a full new Corporate Identity.

Copywriting is how I started out on the creative side of marketing, specialising mainly in social media and blogs, I built my career on giving mainly B2B brands a voice and making it heard, by tying it in to the overall digital marketing strategy.
Now ZebraCrossing.World is proud to be the home of 2 more copywriters who are not only good with words but also know how to write copy that delivers a the call-to-action and generates not only awareness but sales leads and results.

origami design zebra crossing world

Why ZebraCrossing.World as a name?

The name of zebra crossing world

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, a place known for its hustle and bustle but seen by the world as the place where wildlife roams free.

We played on the words here, taking inspiration both the zebra as an animal- beautiful, black and white, iconic- as well as the zebra crossing that takes you from the one side of the street to the other.

Simply put- we deliver marketing solutions that take your business from the one end of the curb to the other. From a place where few know about your business to a place where your brand is the big player to watch out for.

Join our world and let’s take your brand forward.

-Eve Berriman
BCom (Hon) Marketing

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